Aquarobo’s Dive Systems

AQUAROBO 510 (2016).
AQUAROBO 519 (2019).
AQUAROBO 619 (2019)
AQUAROBO 919 (2020)
AQUAROBO 819 (2023): The newest series, combining the latest technological innovations to provide intelligent airflow control, a comfortable wearing experience and efficient air consumption management. Higher battery life, no fear of water ingress, upgradable chip standard version 82L air (advanced to 120L per minute air output)

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Delivery within 1-5 days in all of the United States, 8-35 days in other areas


AQUAROBO 819 Pro Dive Systems - the pinnacle of underwater exploration! 🌊 Unleash the adventurer in you with our state-of-the-art diving ventilator and scuba tanks. AQUAROBO 819 comes in three versions - 4.5 hours, 10 hours, and 8 hours - each designed to cater to different diving needs.

AquaRobo Flagship Model 819 Pro Series Experience the thrill of underwater exploration with Aquarobo's Dive Systems! Our portable rechargeable scuba tanks and waterproof air compressors provide hours of adventure. Get ready to discover new depths, literally!Aquarobo/Amazon

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AQUAROBO 819Pro Dual Mode

AQUAROBO 819-8Pro Y-tube, allows 2 people to use the same aquarobo at the same time.80L gas volume + storage tank is enough to meet the use of Dual Dives

AQUAROBO-819 Bas/Pro

AQUAROBO -819 Bas/Pro can be used Dual Mode or BCD Mode. Provides 4.5-10 hours of underwater battery life.

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  • AQUAROBO Basic Version More Advanced Versions

    AQUAROBO develops more basic versions, the single-player version is suitable for a variety of enthusiasts

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    AQUAROBO-510 3.5h-5.5h Basic Version For Beginners


    Unlock the depths of adventure with Aquarobo's 819 Dive Systems! 😍

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