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AQUAROBO 819(3h/4.5h/6h/10h/8hPro/8hPro+) Dive Systems Diving Ventilator Diving Scuba Tanks,Diving Tanks Portable Rechargeable Scuba Tanks Diving System,Waterproof Air Compressor

AQUAROBO 819(3h/4.5h/6h/10h/8hPro/8hPro+) Dive Systems Diving Ventilator Diving Scuba Tanks,Diving Tanks Portable Rechargeable Scuba Tanks Diving System,Waterproof Air Compressor

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  • 1. AquaRobo 4.5-Hours Version: The Ultimate Recreational Companion
    The 4.5-hour version is the epitome of safety and recreation in the aquarobo world. It is currently the most secure recreational aquarobo Nemo on the market. This version acts as the foundation for the upgraded 10-hour ultra-long version, offering improved dive time and enhanced battery capacity.
  • 2. AquaRobo 3-Hours and 6 Hours Single person basic version for fresh and salt water shallow recreation with a dive depth of 39Ft.
  • 3. AquaRobo 10-Hours Ultra-Long Version: Extended Exploration
    For those seeking an extended underwater experience, the 10-hour version is a game-changer. With upgraded dive time and battery capacity, this version ensures you can explore the depths for an extended period, providing a seamless and secure diving experience.
  • 4. AquaRobo 8-Hours Professional Grade Version: For the Experts
    The 8-hour version is a professional-grade system tailored for professional divers and dive rescuers. It is equipped to handle complex water scenarios, with an increased air supply capacity of 80L per second, meeting the needs of simultaneous use by multiple divers.
  • 5. AquaRobo 8-Hours Pro+ Version It is a customized version:specifically for deep sea diving, with over 13Ft of rescue involved. Air supply 144L per minute, weight 35KG.
  • Key Features:
  • 【The difference between versions&Large Air Supply】
  • The AQUAROBO 3H/4.5H/6H/10H/8Hpro/8Hpro+ Diving ventilator boasts a capacity of 52L/min - 117L/min (8 Pro hours)-120L/min(8 Pro+), ensuring a smooth and abundant air supply for comfortable breathing. The diving tanks feature a new waterproof and filtered inlet pipe, providing relatively healthy, natural, and pure air.

  • 【Diving Max 39~65 ft Depth for 4.5/10/8Pro Hours】
    The AQUAROBO diving system offers a continuous range of 4.5/10 /8Pro hours when fully charged, supporting a maximum diving depth of 89 feet. The system utilizes powerful motors and high-quality valves, ensuring wear resistance and impact resistance for enhanced diving safety.
  • Durable Battery Life:
    AQUAROBO diving scuba tanks use a durable 55Ah-100Ah battery that can be recharged 2000-4000 times, providing a long safe lifespan for various underwater activities.
  • Safety Diving:
    The waterproof body of AQUAROBO diving tanks ensures safety underwater. The diving ventilator adopts high-performance car-level chips, offering intelligent and secure diving support. Suitable for leisure diving, fishing, underwater exploration, photography, rescue, and more.
  • Detachable Structure:
    The motor cylinder and body of the AQUAROBO diving tank are isolated, allowing the motor cylinder head to be disassembled for easy maintenance. Fear not water ingress, corrosion, or rust. The independent and replaceable motor of AQUAROBO diving ventilator ensures uninterrupted use.
  • Embark on a journey of underwater discovery with AQUAROBO 819 Pro Dive Systems - where safety, innovation, and adventure converge! 🚀🌊

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AquaRobo Hookah Diving System - How To Easily Hookup A BCD

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Notes on using AQUAROBO:

1: Do not put the AQUAROBO on the shore and turn it on. This can cause damage to the machine resulting in poor air flow or damage to the battery.
2: When using it for the first time, please float up slowly and keep your body balance. Be careful to ascend slowly, don't rush to the surface, and keep breathing.
3: Please do not turn on while charging. Turning your Aquarobo on while charging will show inaccurate power reading on the LCD display,Charging indicator, red shows that it is charging, green indicates that the charge is full.
4: According to the laws and regulations of various countries and regions, carry diving flags.
5: Please enjoy the fun brought by AQUAROBO, underwater exploration, hull cleaning, underwater gold panning, underwater health recovery, looking forward to your new gameplay.

AQUAROBO global after-sales guarantee service

AQUAROBO global after-sales guarantee service, free replacement of AQUAROBO spare parts according to the order number and buyer information product code.


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