Some kind of training DEFINITELY needed, but the unit works great, Customer Service Outstanding

So as promised to Aquarobo, here is my first unbiased review of this incredible unit. It supplies enough air definitely as I stayed down 12 ft underwater in an indoor pool and I never struggled for a breath. The unit shuts off when sufficient pressure gets in the hose to get a nice breath. I can't stress enough to read any training aids on the internet to make sure you know what happens for long lengths of time underwater. An OW certification is not a bad idea, though this unit does not require it, to be safe....spend the little money and get certified. The 15 minutes was great but when I surfaced I was a little "loopy" for a few minutes as I got my oxygen level back to a normal level. Once I get used to it, I'm sure it will be fine. Remember you are breathing in and out of your mouth only, folks it is a completely different animal. As for the unit, fabulous. There are training websites out there that will help train you on how to safely use the device. Just remember stay calm and do nice and slow inhalation breaths and full exhalations. Also, NEVER hold your breath while ascending from a deep dive, just a nice smooth easy slow release will help you not cause damage to your lungs. Also, make sure to check your neutral buoyancy, I actually bought 2 3 lb weights and 4 one pound weights on Amazon. This way, I can vary my buoyancy from 3 lbs to 10 lbs with different combinations of the weight bags. I tried to dive with no weights and unfortunately I floated right up, so a weight belt is definitely necessary. Safe diving, I will be posting other reviews as summer gets closer and the water gets warmer.


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