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12000GS Tag Detacher Magnetic Security Tag Remover Rare Earth Magnet For Stores

12000GS Tag Detacher Magnetic Security Tag Remover Rare Earth Magnet For Stores

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Our products use 5 pieces of super magnets that are glued and fixed. This gives us a magnetic force of at least 12000GS, which can turn on any RFID tags.
True 12000Gs provides strong magnet force

Tag Detacher

Magnetic security tag remover
Size : 2.9 *1.8inch Weight :350g
Easy to work and save time and money
Package :1* magnet
If you have any problem ,please free contact us

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AquaRobo Hookah Diving System - How To Easily Hookup A BCD

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Notes on using AQUAROBO:

1: Do not put the AQUAROBO on the shore and turn it on. This can cause damage to the machine resulting in poor air flow or damage to the battery.
2: When using it for the first time, please float up slowly and keep your body balance. Be careful to ascend slowly, don't rush to the surface, and keep breathing.
3: Please do not turn on while charging. Turning your Aquarobo on while charging will show inaccurate power reading on the LCD display,Charging indicator, red shows that it is charging, green indicates that the charge is full.
4: According to the laws and regulations of various countries and regions, carry diving flags.
5: Please enjoy the fun brought by AQUAROBO, underwater exploration, hull cleaning, underwater gold panning, underwater health recovery, looking forward to your new gameplay.

AQUAROBO global after-sales guarantee service

AQUAROBO global after-sales guarantee service, free replacement of AQUAROBO spare parts according to the order number and buyer information product code.


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