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Aquarobo Dive Systems Accessory Scuba Air Filter Cotton Activated Carbon Security Float Universal Accessories

Aquarobo Dive Systems Accessory Scuba Air Filter Cotton Activated Carbon Security Float Universal Accessories

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Model 1: Air Filter Cotton Activated Carbon
Model 2: Plastic Air Filter
Model 3:Metal Air Filter
Model 4:Security Float
Please purchase according to the title prompt before purchasing.
It works on aquarobo all series.
1.AQUAROBO Air Filter cotton and activated carbon are put into the filter at the same time to filter the air and provide fresh oxygen for divers
2.AQUAROBO There are two types of filters, plastic filters and metal filters, which are to filter the air and provide fresh oxygen to the divers. Plastic air filter for 510 models.Metal air filter for other scuba models
3.AQUAROBO Security Float are tied to the scuba, mainly to prevent the machine from tipping over, to protect the safety of divers
There are many changes in the underwater environment. For your safety, we recommend that you prepare protective equipment before diving
🤿AQUAROBO USA is headquartered in Texas, we can give professional technical service and spare parts replacement.If you have any questions, please email to the after-sales service station
contact - Eric Damon
Phone number:469-508-6905 (Aaron) .
If you are in Garland, Texas, we offer in-home repair services and partial item replacements and warranties are available throughout the United States.

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AquaRobo Hookah Diving System - How To Easily Hookup A BCD

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Notes on using AQUAROBO:

1: Do not put the AQUAROBO on the shore and turn it on. This can cause damage to the machine resulting in poor air flow or damage to the battery.
2: When using it for the first time, please float up slowly and keep your body balance. Be careful to ascend slowly, don't rush to the surface, and keep breathing.
3: Please do not turn on while charging. Turning your Aquarobo on while charging will show inaccurate power reading on the LCD display,Charging indicator, red shows that it is charging, green indicates that the charge is full.
4: According to the laws and regulations of various countries and regions, carry diving flags.
5: Please enjoy the fun brought by AQUAROBO, underwater exploration, hull cleaning, underwater gold panning, underwater health recovery, looking forward to your new gameplay.

AQUAROBO global after-sales guarantee service

AQUAROBO global after-sales guarantee service, free replacement of AQUAROBO spare parts according to the order number and buyer information product code.


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